An Exordium

I, along with the two other writers, am quite excited to welcome you to this blog. I had been considering writing a blog for some time, but realized that it would never come to fruition if I waited to have the time to do it. Thus, I recently set aside time, spoke with some close friends, and started what I hope will become an influential, conservative voice in our corner of the internet.

First, let it be clear from the outset that this blog’s focus is on religion and politics: namely, Catholicism and conservatism. We do not intend to fuse religion and politics together, as was the case in the Marxist ‘liberation theology’ movement. Rather, we hold that the traditional conservatism advocated by Burke, Eliot, Kirk, and Buckley is a natural consequence of the Catholic faith. Not every post will attempt to justify in light of the Church’s teaching a certain political position we may hold, as we recognize that many of our readers may not be Catholic or it is obvious that said position is in accordance with Magisterial teaching.

Second, we hope that this blog encourages those conservatives who read our posts, especially students who find themselves surrounded by liberal academia and peers, to hold fast to their beliefs. It is a fact that much of American higher education is dominated by liberals; William F. Buckley, Jr. launched himself into the forefront of the conservative movement by addressing this fact in his book God and Man at Yale. We all agree with Mr. Buckley’s sentiments on the notion that truth will not prevail in the classroom under the auspices of academic freedom:

What is more, truth can never win unless it is promulgated. Truth does not carry within itself an antitoxin to falsehood. The cause of truth must be championed, and it must be championed dynamically.

William F. Buckley, Jr. with President Reagan

William F. Buckley, Jr. with President Reagan

We will do our utmost to champion the causes of truth, both politically and religiously.

Finally, I realize that most are probably not familiar with the title of this blog, Contra Mundum. It comes from a quote from St. Athanasius (296-373), a Doctor of the Church. He was vehemently outspoken against the heretic Arius; in fact, he was the only person with the courage to fight the Arian heresy and firmly defend the banner of orthodoxy. He declared that should all of the world accept the Arian heresy, then let it be ‘Athanasius contra mundum’ (Athanasius against the world). This reflects our conviction in our religious and political beliefs, as well as our willingness to stand ‘contra mundum.’



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